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How to treat spots on carpets and rugs?

Don’t panic!

When something becomes dirty, we usually want to clean it as soon as possible! We try to rub, scrub and use random products. However; most of those actions can make the problem worse instead of fixing it, so don’t panic, there is a lot you can do!


First of all, try to absorb as much excess of the stain as possible. If it is wine, coke, sauce or other liquid try to absorb as much of it with light (preferably white) towel. Do not rub as you will only spread dirt around. Press gently and change side of the towel every time you do it. Each time you press, you should use clean area of the towel as you will spread the liquid around.

In case of very thick sauce or semi liquid stains, it may be better idea to let it dry and first

scrub the excess.

Use your vacuum!

As said before, do not rub- this way you will only push dirt deeper into the carpet. Try to extract with your domestic vacuum cleaner (you can suck it through the towel – this way  it will be transferred onto it).

Use only water and soap!

We highly do not recommend popular carpet stain removing product- while they may work well on polypropylene carpets, they  will most probably damage wool blends (which is actually most of the carpets).  Water and standard non colored soap or washing liquid are most effective and most safe products.

Call Professionals!

If those basic steps did not help enough, call professionals!

Remember that by endlessly rubbing you may not only push dirt downwards but you will also distort carpet piles! This will make affected area look worse even if dirt is fully removed.

At Express City Cleaning Manchester we have wide range of products prepared to treat stains and spots. Some of them are product targeted like rust removers, blood spotters or coffee tea spotters. Others work on certain colors like red, yellow spot treatments or i.e. debrowners .

Our carpet cleaners are trained and experienced, they will safely approach your problem and will do their best to achieve best possible results!

The cost of spot cleaning is low and is only £45! This is very low cost if you take into consideration potential cost of carpet replacement. What is more, you can get not only specific stain treated at that price but also a full room including the spot!

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