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What carpet to choose for your house?

Long piled light carpets are usually what feels best under our feet. It is worth to consider if that is the best choice, i.e. if you have pets or children. There is many types of carpets and each should be chosen depending on who will use them.

Synthetic or natural fibres?

Natural fibres refer mainly to wool and cotton. While pure natural carpet are durable and of the highest quality, they can be difficult to maintain. If you decide to pick light coloured carpet, you need to be prepared that shoes off is a must! Natural fibres, especially cotton has high tendency to absorb colours, so be careful with red wine or curry, as they may remain forever!

It is also important what carpet cleaning method is chosen as they can be easily bleached with improper chemicals or even shrink if wrong cleaning method is used.

Synthetic carpets are much cheaper and less durable. They have a tendency to sun fade and piles can get worn pretty easily. However; they are easy to clean and do not absorb dyes so easily. This can be great choice for rented accomodation or if you have pets o small children.

Long or short pile?

If you decide to pick long pile synthetics rug or carpet, you need to be prepared for it to become dull and worn over time. They are however; much easier to clean. If you apply carpet protection after every professional clean, you will extend carpets life to many years.

For any long pile carpet, it is also important to hoover it with upright carpet vac. Rotating brushes will lift the piles and allow better debric collection.

Whichever carpet you choose, remember that regular cleaning is crucial. Your carpets are always safe in our hands. Book today at or call 07879196189

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