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Leather Cleaning and Restoration

    Do you own a piece of lovely faux or real leather which is a bit tired and worn?

Don't recycle! Restore!

  We provide professional leather cleaning and restoration service. Thanks to extensive knowledge and experience we are able to achieve great results and make a difference!


      We offer 2 stage process

1. Deep leather clean and conditioning-  perfect solution to maintain, clean  and refresh your leather sofas or car seats. If type of leather allows, we will also sanitize the surface with steam for enhanced antibacterial treatment.  Application of conditioner gives additional moisture and protects the surface.

2. Colour restoration- if your leather is covered with scratches, if it looses colour or wears off, it can still  be saved. We can match the colour and restore freshness of you leather for a long time. Please note, we do not provide advanced leather repairs, sewing, holes repairs etc.


The cost of leather cleaning and restoration is not fixed, please contact us via email on with a photo and we will reply with service and price suggestion. The price depends on colour, type, size and condition of the sofa. 

Approximate cost:

* 2 seater sofa cleaning only £50, + full £40 colour restoration

* 3 seater sofa cleaning only £60, + full £45 colour restoration 

* armchair cleaning only £30, +full £20 colour restoration

* corner sofa cleaning only £70, +full  £50 colour restoration

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