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Equipment or Experience ?

Carpet cleaning market is quite dynamic. Companies come and go and not much is expected to start the business. There are cleaners who clean with very basic equipment for years, and they are still able to provide great results, and there are companies which start with great equipment and theoretical knowledge but are unable to last in the market?

Why is that?

First of all, experience is what counts. There is no training that will prepare the cleaner for all types of stains and cleaning situations. Cleaners learn through own experience, they use their theoretical knowledge learnt thru courses and combine it with trials and attempts. The cleaner with years of experience is able to recognize fabric from the photo and is usually able to predict expected results. Express City Cleaning is a leading carpet cleaning company based in Manchester for over 10 years. We have been cleaning over 2000 properties every year!

Secondly, decent machine and good chemicals. While you can achieve quite good results even with cheap machines and very good chemicals, the real quality comes with at least 100psi pressure and double vacs. Thus, the client can be sure that the carpets are deeply penetrated and will dry fast. Good chemicals are as crucial as the machines especially when old or pretreated stains are to be removed. Cleaners at Express City Cleaning, use only eco friendly chemicals. We have bottles which aim in specific types of spots like organic or synthetic, for different piles and even for different stain colours!

Even with greatest training, experience and machines, mistakes happen even with the best. Therefore, it is very important for your carpet cleaner to be fully insured. Hundreds of companies go into liquidation only becasue client's damages exceed their profits. At Express City Cleaning you can be sure, that even if something goes wrong and your cleaning items or any other item at you property is damaged, you will be paid back full value of a new one.

Choose wisely, choose professionals...


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