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How to prepare rooms for carpet cleaning?

The process of carpet cleaning is always the simplest when the property is unfurnished. This obviously allows any carpet cleaners based in Manchester and surrounding areas to reach all the hidden corners. However; it is not always possible to empty the rooms prior to the cleaning. So how to prepare rooms when the property is occupied?

  1. Remove small items

Loose wires, toys, small flower pots or decorations- these items should be removed before appointment. It is also worth to remove any small furniture if possible, ie. bedside tables or dining chairs.

2. Clear the surface

Carpet Cleaners at Express City Cleaning are always willing to move items around when cleaning. You need to remember that it is always one person visiting you, so while items like light sofas, dining tables are usually possible to move, more heavy ones are not, ie loaded wardrobes . If it is the case, the cleaner will clean your carpets around the furniture.

To make it easier for the cleaner to move furniture around, please clear their surface.

3. What about beds?

At most properties bed covers most carpet in the bedrooms. If it possible to move beds around, our cleaner is happy to do that. If it is not, he can either clean the carpet around it or you can prepare it beforehand by lifting up the mattress and removing bed slats. This way the cleaner is able to clean most area under the bed.

4. What to do after cleaning?

After cleaning carpets remain damp for up to 4 hours, our cleaner will leave some plastic shoe covers for your convenience. We recommend to keep your shoes and pets off the carpet during that time. It is also good to ventilate your room time to time by opening the window or door. This will speed up drying time.

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