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How do we clean  carpets and sofas?

Powerful equipment, professional cleaning products and trained experienced staff allow to bring back to life even very soiled carpets, rugs, sofas and mattresses.

At each visit, fabrics and piles are first inspected in order to choose appropriate cleaning method.

Our machines are up to 20 times more powerful than hired machines and cleaning chemicals are incomparable!

We know how to treat synthetic, wool, oriental piles and fibers and we are always happy to help to get rid off the most stubborn stain!

We have been providing carpet and upholstery cleaning for nearly 10 years!

Witho over 3000 of 5 star reviews online, we are number 1 in Manchester and surrounding area


stain?  traffic dirt? bad smell?


                    No problem!


over 3000 of 5 star reviews online!


Q: How long does the process take?

Cleaning duration always depends on size, condition and type of carpet or rug. However, approximate time needed to clean 2 rooms will be up to 2 hours.

Q: How soon can I use carpets after cleaning?

Carpets are usable straight away. However; they might be left slightly damp and will need 1-3 hours to dry in full. Our cleaners can also use dryers if needed or requested without any additional charge.

Q: I live far from Manchester, is it still possible to order your service?

We recommend to contact our office to discuss, as it depends on distance and order size.

Q: You offer fixed prices per room.Does it matter what size is my room?

We offer fixed prices per room, size does not matter but rooms need to be at domestic premises.

Q:  Is quote received over the phone fixed or can it be changed on arrival?

Quotes recieved over the phone are fixed and will not be changed on arrival.

Q: Can I add extra service on the day?

Yes, you can discuss your needs with the cleaner. However, if you consider adding more than 2 rooms we recommend to let us know in advance so we can book enough time with our operative.

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