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Manchester in High Risk Zone

On 12/10/20, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced new coronavirus regulations which can be read here

Due to higher amount of infected individuals, we all need to take precautions seriously. Our operatives have been working non stop since the beginning of pandemics back in March, serving private and commercial customers.

During that difficult time we have been paying extra care to make sure our employees and clients are safe. Thus; since March:

  1. Our operatives wear masks and gloves when contacting you.

  2. We accept cash and cards although cards are preferred.

  3. Our cleaning machines are disinfected after every job we do.

During that difficult time we ask you once again to:

  1. Wear mask

  2. Keep 2 m distance from our operative as often as possible. It is sometimes inevitable to stand close but we kindly ask to leave our cleaner alone for the time of cleaning.

  3. If you decide to use cash, please leave it on the table so our cleaner can see and prepare change.

  4. If you decide to pay with card, do it over the phone by ringing 01614014006

We have been also providing a range of infection control services these include:

  1. Ozone - ozone generator is the quickest and safest way of disinfection. It wipes off bacteria, viruses, fungus other microbes from all flat surfaces and hidden corners. Oxygen is converted into ozone which penetrates all areas disinfected just as if you dipped your room in chlorine for few minutes. Ozone is safe as it breaks back into oxygen after 30min of activity leaving the area ready to use again. (read more:

When and where to use? Mostly used by our clients when :

- Moving into new home

- post quarantine as a part of cleaning procedure

- commercial premises on regular basis as prevention

- other applications: mould problem, bad smell, after fire condition

- had someone at home who was moved into quarantine

2. Carpet steaming - as one of the methods to ensure carpets and soft furnishing are deeply disinfected is using steam. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning system produce steam as part of the cleaning procedure, our products also contain virucidal and antibacterial agents to ensure highest level of disinfection.

We also introduced additional steamer for additional sanitation which can be used on all types of carpets and upholstery. (

When and where to use? Mostly used by our clients when :

- move into a new home

- had someone at home who was moved into quarantine

3. Anti virus protection for up to 7 days !- application of our anti virus product on flat surfaces, especially in high traffic areas like lifts or banisters, tables, chairs, desks, door handles and other touch points reduces presence of the virus for up to 28 days in closed spaces and up to 7 days outdoor.

When and where to use? Mostly used by our clients when :

- commercial premises on regular basis (usually once a week) as prevention

If you wish to discuss your needs give us a call 01614014006

Most services can be booked online at

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