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Business against Coronavirus

Our team has been working since the beginning of pandemics providing deep cleaning, steaming, ozone treatment, anti viral treatments and other cleaning services on our own and in cooperation with cleaning specialists. Over time we have developed our own recommendations for business premises to follow in order to reduce risk of transmission. With possible danger due to new 2021 corona, we share them with you:

  • reduce human traffic to minimum - it is good to know how many people should be allowed in the room- it is recommended to be max 1 person per 3sqm, standard living room size room is 20sqm , so max 6 people should be allowed in such space. Please, be aware that some business premises have strictly limited amount of people per sqm.

  • clean and disinfect touchpoints regularly - door handles, taps, light switches, printers and other devices etc.

  • ventilate rooms - as often a possible

  • ozone treatment - quick disinfection of all flat surfaces, usually done on daily basis when there is no chance for deep clean. Best choice for in between meetings disinfection!

  • antiviral shield- applied on touchpoints provides active viricidal protection for up to 28 days!


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