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Thermal and ULV (ultra low volume) fogging methods aim in the same: producing very low volume droplets. Those droplets are usually of the size from 5 up to 50 microns. For comparison a simple sprayer produce 200 microns droplet. 

The size of a virus is below 1 micron! 

Inside and outside buildings, whenever quick disinfection is needed. 
Can be used inside offices, houses,  medical centres, as well as house exteriors, building facade, playgrounds etc.
RESPONSIVE METHOD- disinfection of affected areas, quarantined interiors and exteriors, suspected areas.
PREVENTIVE  METHOD-  disinfectant agent is sprayed together with enhancer. The mist covers treated area and creates protective antiviral shield, which weakens or eliminates virus on protected area for up to 7 days
Session duration- usually few minutes, depending on size
no people can be present in treated areas
post disinfection - leave for 2 hours, then ventialte for 15 min
Only prevention can reduce transmission!
COVID viruses are able to remain as an airbone for approx 3h, they may remain on flat surfaces, especially metal and plastic of  for 2-72+ hours. 

Infection control occurs at 3 stages

1. CLEANING (removing visible contamination with general cleaning products )

2. DISINFECTION (decreasing presence of microbes- professional equipment and products)

3. SANITATION (eliminating microbes with medical grade equipment)

Thermal fogging is classified as DISINFECTION STAGE and requires cleaning beforehand or after depending on application. (Same applies to disinfection carpet cleaning and ozonizing)

Sanitation is not needed and nearly impossible to reach at domestic and commercial premises. 

Therefore, thermal fogging together with appropriate prior cleaning approach  provide sufficient disinfection of domestic and commercial premises.

It is especially useful when quick action is needed in high risk areas like: warehouses, transportation ramps, playgrounds, block entrances, supermarket trolleys and entrances.

It allows quick reduction of pathogens in high traffic and difficult to access areas.

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Popular Questions and Answers:



1. What’s the difference between ULV and thermal fogger, which method is better?

ULV stands for nothing more than Ultra Light Volume, the difference between it and standard sprayer is size of a droplet which is smaller and achieves higher distances and corners. Droplet created by thermal fogger is warm and is able to reach further. Both Cold and Hot LV are aimed to create distribution of disinfectant to cover as much area as possible. The aim of both methods is to create smallest droplets possible.


2. Why do you use thermal fogger and not ULV fogger?

We decided to use thermal fogger, with adjusted head to create a low volume heated vapour with appropriate disinfectant. Action time is reduced to few minutes, droplet spread is up to 30m. Together with appropriate agent, the fogger is able to create non toxic, protective film on (exterior) surfaces.


3. Are your disinfecting products legal/ have MSDS/ fight viruses?

Yes, our products are designed for antiviral and bactericidal we only use tested and recommended products to use with thermal foggers, all of them are declared to work against viruses and bacteria. We use only recommended dilutions in specific conditions.


4. Are your products harmful to people or animal?

No, the products are not toxic and are not harmful to people, can cause irritation, therefore, we ask people to be absent. Some of the products can even be used in presence of people/ animals


5. What is preventive fogging?

It is fog agent + disinfectant aimed in creating a coating on exterior surfaces, the product is non toxic but may create a visible film. The film wears over time, usually lasts for 7-14 days if not rinsed with water. In order to remove the film, wipe it off.


6. Do you hold any certificates?

Yes we do hold Infection Control Certificate, product training, and machine operation training, as well as all needed documentation and insurance.


7. Can your fogger be used inside?

Due to high distance reach of fog (30m) and high engine power, it is possible to spray the fog inside the building, not all building are suitable for this method- for those which are not we offer ozonizing.


8. Does thermal fogger work? It is said it is useless Chinese propaganda.

Thermal fogging as disinfection has been used for years, and there is massive amount of data showing it effectiveness – there is a large medical and agricultural evidence on virus fighting of that method easily found online. We do not know what Chinese use, although, it is said by 1 star magazine experts it is simple hydrogen peroxide dilution, specialists in disinfection claim that it is probably a disinfectant with a sticky film aimed in coat surfaces for long to create lasting antiviral shield. Such method is provided by us as well, it is nothing new, and has been used for years.


9. Will fogging make my place sterile?

Fully sterile conditions require highly advanced, medical purpose fogger and dehumidifier to control pre and post fogging condition- we do not have medical grade equipment. Our method aims in supporting every day disinfection by reducing risk of transmission.


We hope that some useful answers were given above

This will be inserted on our website as well. Please note, methods we provide and machines are nothing new in disinfection. You need to be aware, this is not sterilization, we aim in reducing presence of viruses to minimum and to we provide preventive coating as well.

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